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Legal Practice Board of WA

(Constituted under the Legal Profession Act 2008)

The Legal Practice Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of the legal profession in Western Australia. The Board issues annual practising certificates to local lawyers and advises the Supreme Court in relation to eligibility and suitability for admission. Through the Legal Profession Complaints Committee the Board is also responsible for professional disciplinary action.


As provided by Section 536 of the Legal Profession Act 2008, the Board consists of:

  1. the Attorney General and
  2. the Solicitor General, or, if there is no Solicitor General, the State Solicitor and
  3. each Queen's Counsel, and each Senior Counsel, whose principal place of practice is in this State and who is not a full-time judicial officer; and who has, in writing, nominated himself or herself as a member and
  4. 12 legal practitioners of at least three years standing and practice in this State who are elected members.

At April 2020 elected members of the Board were:

Ms A Ciffolilli
Ms M Coulson
Ms NB Dimmock
Ms PA Femia
Mr JGM Fiocco
Ms RT Heath
Dr JJ Hockley
Ms AM Liscia
Mr GN Mack
Ms SM Schlink
Mr JG Syminton
Mr RG Wilson


Mr JGM Fiocco

Deputy Chairperson

Mr JGM Fiocco

Executive Director

Ms ERA Fulham

Location of the office of the Legal Practice Board

Level 6
111 St Georges Terrace
Telephone: (08) 6211 3600
Facsimile: (08) 6211 3650

Postal Address

PO Box 5720
St Georges Terrace


Last updated: 20-Jan-2021

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