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High Court Sittings 2018

It is ordered as follows:

1. Sittings of the court for the transaction of all such business as may be brought before it shall be held during 2018 at the places and commencing on the days hereunder mentioned:

Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 5 February
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Tuesday 13 March
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 9 April
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 7 May
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Tuesday 12 June
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 6 August
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 3 September
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Tuesday 9 October
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 5 November
Canberra - (fortnight beginning) Monday 3 December

2. Sittings to hear applications for special leave to appeal will be held on the days hereunder mentioned:

Friday 16 February
Friday 23 March
Friday 20 April
Friday 18 May
Friday 22 June
Friday 17 August
Friday 14 September
Friday 19 October
Friday 16 November
Friday 14 December

Applications for special leave to appeal may be heard during sittings in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart if there is sufficient business to warrant the attendance of the Court.


Last updated: 29-Dec-2017

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