Fair Work Commission

(Formerly the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and Fair Work Australia)


Justice IJK Ross AO (Melbourne)

Vice Presidents

Vice President A Hatcher (Sydney)
Vice President J Catanzariti (Sydney)

Deputy Presidents

Senior Deputy President JM Hamberger (Sydney)
Deputy President RS Hamilton (Melbourne)
Deputy President PJ Sams AM (Sydney)
Deputy President A Booth (Sydney)
Deputy President IC Asbury (Brisbane)
Deputy President A Gooley (Melbourne)
Deputy President VP Gostencnik (Melbourne)
Deputy President J Kovacic (Canberra)
Deputy President GE Bull (Sydney)
Deputy President M Binet (Perth)
Deputy President WR Clancy (Melbourne)
Deputy President LE Dean (Sydney)
Deputy President P Anderson (Adelaide)
Deputy President A Colman (Melbourne)
Deputy President I Masson (Melbourne)
Deputy President A Beaumont (Perth)
Deputy President A Millhouse (Melbourne)


Commissioner AL Cribb (Melbourne)
Commissioner PJ Spencer (Brisbane)
Commissioner BD Williams (Perth)
Commissioner DS McKenna (Sydney)
Commissioner IW Cambridge (Sydney)
Commissioner PJ Hampton (Adelaide)
Commissioner MP Bissett (Melbourne)
Commissioner CF Simpson (Brisbane)
Commissioner T Lee (Melbourne)
Commissioner S Booth (Brisbane)
Commissioner B Riordan (Sydney)
Commissioner D Gregory (Melbourne)
Commissioner LAT Johns (Sydney)
Commissioner NP Wilson (Melbourne)
Commissioner T Saunders (Sydney/Newcastle)
Commissioner T Cirkovic (Melbourne)
Commissioner C Platt (Adelaide)
Commissioner K Harper-Greenwell (Melbourne)
Commissioner J Hunt (Brisbane)
Commissioner S McKinnon (Melbourne)

Additional members

Deputy President PD Hannon (Adelaide) – Deputy President, SAET
Deputy President DJ Barclay (Hobart) – President, TIC Professor S Richardson

Expert Panel member

Mr A Cole - Expert Panel member
Mr T Harcourt - Expert Panel member
Mr A Apted - Expert Panel member
Mr S Gibbs - Expert Panel member

Manager, Media and External Communications

Kate Purcell
Telephone: (03) 8656 4702
Mobile: 0427 097 628
Email: communications@fwc.gov.au
Website: http://www.fwc.gov.au/

Melbourne Office

Level 4
11 Exhibition Street
Telephone: 1300 799 675
Facsimile: (03) 9655 0401
Email: melbourne@fwc.gov.au
Website: http://www.fwc.gov.au

General Manager

Bernadette O'Neill
Postal address
PO Box 1994

Western Australia

Level 16
111 St Georges Terrace
Telephone: (08) 9464 5172
Facsimile: (08) 9481 0904
Email: perth@fwc.gov.au

Postal address

GPO Box X2206


Last updated: 29-Dec-2017

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